Kids Gear for Baseball
Kids Gear for Baseball

Welcome to Kids Gear for Baseball.

Kids Gear for Baseball is a grassroots effort to help ensure that less fortunate children in Greater Boston and surrounding communities have the equipment they need to enjoy the great game of baseball!


We gather equipment in several ways:

  • - From Little League Teams turning over their old equipment.
  • - From growing players in the community.
  • - From Donation Day events with the Boston Red Sox and Lowell Spinners.
  • - People can bring their donated "gear" to the game and have the chance to win great prizes. 

We inventory the equipment, and then actively seek inner city youth groups, summer camps, or even veteran’s leagues that operate on a shoestring budget.  We donate the equipment to many types of organizations. In addition to Boys and Girls Clubs across Massachusetts and other youth leagues, this past year we had a charter school in Lynn, MA reach out to us for gear to outfit a girls softball league, which otherwise would not have the means. We were able to outfit their entire program! We also made a gift donation to The Children's Museum of Boston for their 2012 Baseball Day program in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park. The program educated young children on the concept of baseball and its gear. The children were given a hands-on opportunity to learn how the gear is used.

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